Welcome to the Tree Crop Phenology and Climate Change webpage. The goal of this website is to highlight how the many stages of a tree annual cycle are influenced by their environment, and thus how these stages could be affected by climate change in the future.

This site contains or will contain:

  • Recently published projections of change in chilling globally and specifically for California,
  • Models that integrate the relationship between winter chilling and spring forcing to achieve bloom,
  • Research explaining how warmer springs and summers will affect fruit growth and yield,
  • Compilation of research on other impacts climate change will have on phenology.

Much of this work and the construction of this site has been funded by the generous support of the California Department of Food and Agriculture for the project "Tree Phenology Models for Climate Change Projection & Improved Water and Nutrient Management."

This is the joint work of the Brown and DeJong labs, and the Zhang lab of the Department of Plant Sciences and Department of Land, Air and Water Resources, respectively, at the University of California at Davis, and Eike Luedeling of the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF).

Figure 1. California almonds in bloom.